China Buy-Side Opportunities

Translink's Shanghai office has recently published its quarterly 'China Deal Flow Database' (CDF).

The document permeates throughout Translink's global footprint and is shared between trusted friends and colleagues to generate and develop deal flow.  It receives rave reviews and generates strong interactions between buyers and sellers.

The database comprises high-quality Chinese buyers that have been screened by Translink's Chinese colleagues developing personal  C level relationships with each company, and each has had their specific acquisition requirements confirmed.

'China outbound' represents the hottest cross-border market in the world at present.  Chinese buyers with strong financial resources and a very large domestic market are shopping globally and are willing to pay a premium price for companies.  To achieve the premium price, targets must possess:

1)    Leading technology to assist the Chinese buyer in upgrading their products and production processes.

2)    Leading brands and distribution networks to help in expanding revenue and market share.

3)    Return high margins and have profitable peer companies for strategic and financial consolidation.

How we use the China Deal Flow Database.

(1)    Review the database to and identify potential targets that fit the buyers' selection criteria;

(2)    Inform Translink with names of the potential targets, and we will work exclusively with you on these targets;

(3)    Translink China confirms the buyer's interest in the target(s);

(4)    If buyers remain interested, we will release names of the buyers for you to approach the targets with;

(5)    Be comfortable approaching the larger size companies, say over Euro200-500M. Chinese buyers will engage buy-side advisors as long as they can introduce the right deals which have technical superiority, market leadership, and are profitable.

(6)    Consider PEs' portfolio for technology targets. PE's may wish to exit early if the buyers and opportunities are right.

(7)    For most of the cases, Translink will try to get the buy side mandates.

Please do contact us if you wish to discuss our Chinese buyer database.  Translink can also assist with a western friendly Shanghai, and Hong Kong based M&A team.

You can either call us on 0116 344 0443 or email