We have significant experience supporting small and mid-market companies that have an international aspect to their strategy; if an overseas buyer for a business is a possibility or an overseas subsidiary is required to grow a market; we have the skills, resource and experience to research, originate, contact and engage with UK and international businesses and advise on the optimal deal for you.

Cross-border M&A is complex and time-consuming

Having teams and specialists around the world, we can handle all aspects of a buy or sell-side transaction from the start through to successful completion; anywhere and at any time.

Our truly global approach gives you the best outcome

If each of us knows on average 300 people, you are only one contact away from knowing 600 people and two away from 900 people. Our contacts span the globe, not just the UK.  Because we know the right people, it is not difficult to see how we will find the perfect buyer for your business or seller of the perfect acquisition target.

Our international network of over 600 professionals covering 30 countries allows us to leverage our trusted local connections to benefit our clients.  We work in partnership with your senior leadership team to understand your objectives and what is required to achieve a successful outcome. We will then develop a merger or acquisition strategy that is executed by a team including local professionals, with ‘boots on the ground’ in the local language and utilising local business practices and customs.

Our local knowledge results in the best deals for you

Our clients tell us that it is critical to have real, experienced professionals on the ground talking to buyers and sellers in their local language, observing local practice and customs because it helps create the conditions for the optimal deal.

Our team based approach is seamless and works because we have strong professional relationships with all our global colleagues. We consider the human and cultural challenges that you may face and our specialists will advise on how best to achieve a successful deal and post-deal integration.

International desks

We have established regional desks covering all of our geographies as follows:

For each geography in addition to deep local insight, knowledge and contacts we maintain a proprietary lead pool of off-market buyers and sellers, that we know well, enabling us to quickly and efficiently initiate discussions on behalf of our clients.

UK buyers and sellers are likely to consider the world’s two largest economies of the US and China, for which we have significant ‘lead pools’ of qualified buyers and sellers.  Please contact us directly to discuss our  ‘China Deal Flow Analysis’ of buyers that our Shanghai and Hong Kong colleagues can access or our unrivalled lead pool of qualified and proprietary US buyers and sellers.

For a detailed conversation on our international merger and acquisition process and how it can benefit you, please contact us directly by calling our team of specialists on +44(0)203 011 5303 or +44(0)116 344 0443 or email dealteam@translinkcf.co.uk

Our international website is here: translinkcf.com


‘Translink was essential in bridging the cultural differences between a structured multinational Group and an entrepreneur-driven, local company. Translink’s pro-active approach was key to ensuring the success of the transaction.’