Our Debt Advisory Team has access to global funding solutions for your business

There are a host of circumstances when our Debt Advisory Team adds significant value to your business:

  • Acquisition
  • Buy-Out
  • Cash-Out
  • Additional working capital
  • Refinance existing facilities
  • Growth
  • Development
  • Financial distress

We have access to a significant number of debt funding solutions via our UK and international network of funders that includes non-bank as well as bank debt providers.

Our team of debt advisors will quickly and efficiently assess your requirements and provide bespoke solutions to enable you to focus on your strategic goals.

We will assist with your strategic and business planning to help you grow

We work in partnership with you and your senior team to identify the company vision, strategic objectives and goals. We then create a tailored business plan, aligned with your goals, to help you and the company achieve success.

Raising funding for your growing business

As your business grows, you may reach a stage when you can no longer finance expansion from internal sources. At this stage of development specialist funds are an option that we can explore.

There are many sources of funding that we will explore on your behalf, including:

Grant funding, Supplier / Trade Finance, Ultra-High and High Net Worth individuals, Asset Based Lending, Cash Flow Funding (unsecured), Mezzanine Funds, Private Equity, Debt Funds, Credit Funds and Crowd-Based Investors and Crowd-Based Debt.

Once we have identified the best source of funding for you, our team will lead on all negotiations and oversee your whole project through to completion.

If you wish to discuss the funding options available for your business then, please contact our independent advisers for a no-obligation discussion by calling 0116 344 0443 or email debtadvisory@translinkcf.co.uk


‘Translink is a determined advisor. The outcome of the transaction was in line with our expectations. I believe the transaction will ensure even better chances for continuous growth and development.’